Women’s Learning Partnership at CSW67 - Rights and Resistance: Strengthening Movement for Freedom and Equality in Iran and Afghanistan

Date: March 10 2023

Time: 4:30PM EST


United Nations Church Center

2nd Floor New York

NY 10017

Description: The calls for women’s human rights in Iran and Afghanistan require coordinated action by the international community. WLP will bring together Iranian and Afghan women leaders to share ways to assist movements for women’s rights inside and outside the countries. Panelists will discuss how the international community can amplify messages from within the communities, contribute to the resilience and power of women’s movements in Afghanistan and Iran, and use technology to build the capacity of women leaders in closed societies. The event will conclude with a reading of Persian poetry, as a part of WLP’s Lifelines: The Poetry of Human Rights series.


Nadereh Chamlou | Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, Former Senior Advisor at the World Bank


Mahnaz Afkhami | Former Minister for Women’s Affairs in Iran, Founder and President of Women’s Learning Partnership

Habiba Sarabi | Former Minister of Women’s Affairs in Afghanistan, Former Governor of Bamyan Province

Zala Ahmed | Executive Director of Humanitarian organization for Local Development (HOLD) 


Fatemeh Shams | Poet and Assistant Professor of Persian Literature at the University of Pennsylvania 

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