Historical and Legal Documents

A National Plan of Action for the Improvement of Women’s Status in Iran (1978)

Draft International Plan of Action submitted by Iran (1975)

WOI Programmes for the International-Women’s Year (1975)

Coming Out of the Veil article by Betty Friedan Ladies Home Journal (1975)

Declaration Presented by Her Imperial Highness Princess Ashraf Pahlavi to the Secretary General of the United Nations on the Occasion of International Women’s Year (1975)

Report of the World Conference of the International Women’s Year in Mexico City (1975)

Report of the Consultative Committee for the World Conference of the International Women’s Year (1975)

United States President Jimmy Carters Letter-to Mahnaz Afkhami (1978)

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shah Speech to United States President Jimmy Carter at New Year’s Dinner (1977)

United States President Jimmy Carter Speech to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shah at New Year’s Dinner (1977)

God Alone is Great An Interview with Azam Taleghani (1979)

List of Targeted Iranian Officials (circa 1979)

Helvi Sipila Letter to Mahnaz Afkhami (1979)

A Draft of the United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women Contract (1978)

Robin Morgan Letter to Mahnaz Afkhami (1981)

Background Paper Asian and Pacific Centre for Women and Development (1977)

An Introduction to the Women’s Organization of Iran by Mahnaz Afkhami (unknown)

Iran Nameh (1977)

Reform and Regression: The Fate of the Family Protection Law (2008)

The Family Protection Act (1975)

Penal Code: Excerpts Relating to Women (1991)