EPOCA Interview: Mahnaz Afkhami on How the Struggle for More Rights in Iran Has Yielded Gains

EPOCA Interview: Mahnaz Afkhami on How the Struggle for More Rights in Iran Has Yielded Gains

Author : Renato Machado, EPOCA

In an interview with Brazilian magazine, EPOCA, Mahnaz Afkhami speaks about Ghoncheh Ghavami in Tehran, who was arrested for trying to watch a volleyball game as a woman. The interview addresses Afkhami’s prominent role as a women’s rights activist living in exile.  “In the episode of the game of volleyball, Afkhami believes the incessant media…

Islam belongs in People's Lives, Not in Politics, says Karima Bennoune

Author : Mark Tran, The Guardian

In her book, Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here, UN Special Rapporteur Karima Benoune criticizes Muslim fundamentalism from a human rights perspective. The Guardian addresses this controversial topic, drawing on the viewpoints of myriad activists including Mahnaz Afkhami.  “Mahnaz Afkhami, an Iranian women’s rights activist, says: ‘If you’re in the army, the general is always…

Vibrant Networking Keeps the Door Open for Arab Women

Author : Barbara Crosette, Passblue

Women in Egypt played an instrumental role in the political uprising and fight for democracy during the Arab Spring. This article highlights the influence and solidarity of women’s networks across the region.  “Mahnaz Afkhami, the Iranian-American founder and president of the Women’s Learning Partnership, has a network of contacts in Egypt now following constitutional developments…

Reader's Review: Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

Author : Diane Rehm, The Diane Rehm Show Reader's Review

Diane Rehm hosted Mahnaz Afkahmi on her radio show to discuss the book,  Woman at Point Zero, by Nawal El Saadawi, a story of a woman in Egypt who is forced into prostitution and later arrested. Afkhami discusses the novel’s contribution to radical feminism in the region, women’s rights and the patriarchy, and the relevance…

Will Washington Push for Women’s Rights?

Author : Caryle Murphy, The Majalla

Despite hope and change in the Middle East following the Arab Spring, many remain cautious regarding progress on women’s rights in the region. In an article with political news journal, Al Majalla, Mahnaz Afkhami stresses the importance of movement building and collaboration between women’s rights activists at the grassroots level. 

Radio Pooya Interview with Mahnaz Afkhami (In Persian)

Author : Shahrnush Parsipur, Radio Pooya

At this interview conducted by Iranian novelist Shahrnush Parsipur, Mahnaz Afkhami recounts her life story, starting from the time she taught English literature at the National University of Iran, trying to “help create a cohesive community of female students who could face the modern world” to the time when she set up Women’s Learning Partnership…

At the UN, Twenty Years of Backlash to ‘Women’s Rights Are Human Rights’

Author : Barbara Crossette, The Nation

Since the seminal Cairo Conference in 1994, anti-feminist actors have pushed back against progress made in women’s rights on the global stage. In The Nation, Mahnaz Afkhami provides insights into the rise of fundamentalist, conservative, and populist movements that are fueling this backlash, and illuminates the role of American wars in the Middle East in…