International Conventions on Women-- Successes or Failure?

Location: The World Bank, Washington DC 20433 

Description: What have been the successes and failures of United Nations Global Conferences over the past forty years? How has the debate and focus changed over time? What can be learnt from the past for the implementation of the SDGs? The Gender and Development Chapter of the 1818 Society is pleased to invite you to a session with Mahnaz Afkhami, one of the most active and influential contributors to this agenda since the 1975 Mexico Conference.  Ms. Afkhami is a former Minister for Women’s Affairs in Iran, and the Founder and President of Women’s Learning Partnership (WLP), a network of 20 autonomous and independent organizations in the Global South. The title of Mahnaz Afkhami’s presentation will be International Conventions on Women– Successes or Failures?