Election 2016 and the Global Women's Movement

Location: Chicago Council on Global Affairs Conference Center, 130 East Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601

Description: In recent years the US government has incorporated gender equality as a metric of policy development and program investment of its domestic and foreign policies. Yet despite many indicators of progress for women and girls everywhere more work remains, and strong collaborations are still needed in areas regarding women’s economic and political leadership, eliminating violence against women and girls, and supporting women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. As the US prepares for new governance what would a change in leadership mean for women’s rights, domestically and internationally? And how can we best continue to provide US leadership to women’s issues in the next twenty years? 

Panelists will include: 

Mahnaz Afkhami, Founder and President, Women’s Learning Partnership 

Catherine Bertini, Distinguished Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs 

Ellen Chesler, Senior Fellow, Roosevelt Institute 

Fay Hartog Levin, Moderator, Distinguished Fellow, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs 

Watch the event livestream and archive here.