VOA Extended Profile: Historical Context for The Women's Movement in Iran, and the life and work of Mahnaz Afkhami

Author : Voice of America

(In Persian and English subtitles) The half hour video produced by VOA provides the historical context for the women’s movement in Iran from its early beginnings just before the constitutional revolution of 1906 through the efforts at networking and organizing to promote girls education in the 1930’s, women’s political rights in the 1950s and 60s,…

Fighting for Women's Rights: An Interview with Mahnaz Afkhami

Fighting for Women's Rights: An Interview with Mahnaz Afkhami

Author : Hooman Askary, Arseh Sevom

Hooman Askary reports on his discussion with the former minister of women’s affairs in pre-revolution Iran, Mahnaz Afkhami. She links the century long struggle of Iranian women for equal protection under the law to the demonstrations that emerged in 2009 after the flawed presidential elections in Iran. Afkhami states, “The green movement in Iran is…

Reflections on Women’s Security in Iran

Author : Mahnaz Afkhami, Gozaar Forum on Human Rights and Democracy in Iran

The late Mhabub ul Haq, the founder of the UN Human Development Report, captured the essence of human security when he said, and I quote, “In the last analysis, human security means a child who did not die, a disease that did not spread, an ethnic tension that did not explode, a dissident who was…

Democracy Courage Tribute Acceptance Speech on Behalf of the Iranian Women’s Movement

Democracy Courage Tribute Acceptance Speech on Behalf of the Iranian Women’s Movement

Author : Mahnaz Afkhami, World Movement for Democracy

I am proud and honored to accept this award on behalf of the Iranian Women’s Movement. It is a special honor to receive the award from the right honorable Kim Campbell whose life’s work and her personal conduct represent all that I and scores of others around the world aspire to. I am thankful to…

Interview with Mahnaz Afkhami, The Second Woman Minister in the History of Iran (In Persian)

Author : Enayat Fani, BBC Persian Handbook

BBC Persian Hardtalk Afkhami looks back on the complex issues of advancing women’s rights in Iran: from her time working as Minister for Women’s Affairs in pre revolutionary Iran, and using economic development goals as a way of advancing the status of women and promoting reform of family law. BBC Persian Hardtalk Interview Mahnaz Afkhami

Freedom Leads to Empowerment: Promoting Women's Leadership and Financial Independence

Author : Mahnaz Afkhami, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Women’s empowerment is a process. It involves raising consciousness, building skills and reforming unjust laws that limit women’s education, participation in decision making and economic independence. I.M.O.W. Global Council member Mahnaz Afkhami is president of Women’s Learning Partnership, which strives to empower women by practicing and promoting their leadership and self-sufficiency. The United Nation’s International…

Women’s Rights In Iran

Author : Marco Werman, PRI's The World

Iran’s authorities recently confiscated Shirin Ebadi’s Nobel Peace prize medal. Activists say the move against the Iranian human rights lawyer exemplifies Tehran’s hostility toward women. Mahnaz Afkhami was the Minister for Women’s Affairs in Iran before the 1979 revolution. She now lives in Bethesda, Maryland. Afkhami wrote the foreword to a new book called Iranian…

Iran’s Million Signatures Campaign: A Leading Voice for Democracy

Author : David Lowe, Democracy Digest

Iran’s fraudulent presidential election last summer has spawned ongoing street protests and mass demonstrations, as students, women, human rights activists, workers, and many others have mobilized to challenge the corrupt clerical and political establishment that rules the country. Radio Farda reported last week that on November 2nd, ten members of the One Million Signatures Campaign…